Sunday, October 28, 2007


Free Cartons Of Cigarettes?

Here is an email that I got recently:


You've been selected to receive a few cartons of Marlboro or Camel Cigarettes ON US! All you need to do is click below and tell us your choice!

Get my Packs of Smokes by clicking HERE


Chose between Marlboro or Camels!

- Click Below for Camels


- Click Below for Marlboros


Too bad I don't smoke Marlboros or Camels!

All kidding aside I just don't trust these kinds of sites that offer free cigarettes.

I did see an ad for an online cigarette website that is supposedly run by Indians - meaning they can escape some of the cigarette tax laws and can offer cigarettes at a discounted price - But again I would REALLY have to check them out before I would consider purchasing cigarettes online.

I haven't met anyone who has had a good experience with ordering cigarettes online yet.

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